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A Woman Warrior’s Story: Amanda, US Navy Veteran

After completing her service in the U.S. Navy, Amanda was beyond excited about beginning her next mission. She’d always wanted a career as a licensed vocational nurse. As a veteran, Amanda was rebuilding her life from the ground up.

Unlike civilian women, women veterans navigate additional challenges, such as building support networks from scratch, to ease pursuing their educations and careers. For example, women veterans must not only find affordable housing, but often in an unfamiliar city. And, in a city near the school where she can obtain the specific career credentials she’s seeking.

While enrolled in the LVN program she’d dreamed of, Amanda found herself facing unexpected expenses and was in danger of losing her apartment. Then the other shoe fell. Her mother became ill and she needed to immediately go home to care for her ailing parent and minor siblings. There was no one else.

The timing couldn’t have been worse for this Navy veteran. Now, she was unable to attend her LVN classes. Not only was the timetable to complete her studies delayed, she also had to suspend her job search. Without employment, she’d be unable to pay rent. Amanda was nearly overwhelmed.

Fortunately, she found her way to Foundation for Women Warriors. Amanda was immensely relieved to learn that she qualified for our short-term Rental Assistance Program.

She told us, “I truly appreciate the support from Foundation for Women Warriors. Your contribution helped me lift a giant weight from mine and my family’s shoulders.”  Amanda added, “Now I can continue to pursue my education. I am very glad your organization is here to help during this difficult time”.

We’re delighted to report that Amanda will graduate in the fall with her LVN nursing certification thanks to your support!

Thank you for assisting veterans like Amanda and supporting our work. We certainly couldn’t do it without you!

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