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A Woman Warrior’s Story: Leann, USAF Veteran

Leann, an Air Force veteran served with the Joint Theater Trauma team in Afghanistan. At the age of 20, her role in Afghanistan led to her witnessing many deaths. To get through her deployment and later, everyday life, Leann compartmentalized what she experienced.

Leann realized because she had never really dealt with her emotions or processed what she experienced; it was impacting her day to day life. She was eager to receive adequate treatment and reached out to Foundation for Women Warriors for financial assistance. You see, in order to obtain appropriate treatment, she needed to enter an in-patient PTSD program. That meant she had to take time off work—and miss paychecks that she needed to pay rent.

Understanding how personal and difficult it is to enroll in treatment, we were eager to assist Leann in her healing process. We did so by providing rental assistance so that she could take time off work and complete the PTSD program. Leann is now healing and starting a healthier life.

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