Jennifer Givens

Jennifer Givens is a University of San Diego graduate, Navy Veteran, busy mother of two tweens, military spouse, lifestyle blogger, works as a legal research and writer for an immigration law firm in San Diego, Ca, writer, and women’s empowerment advocate.

When she is not a mother or wife, she spends her days building cases for immigrants seeking asylum, visas, and citizenship. In her free time, she mentors’ women who are suffering in silence from domestic violence in her community. As a domestic violence victor herself, she uses her story to connect with those suffering and utilizes her legal knowledge and connections to help women find safety for themselves and their children. When the situation calls, she helps them understand and navigate the legal system and connects them with skilled and local attorneys.

She also volunteers with the Foundation for Women Warriors. It is her mission to serve her sisters and help them build a community and peruse their passions through education, trainings, and connect to community events. She also assists in raising funds for childcare, education, and emergency services.

As a blogger Jennifer uses her planform to promote women empowerment. She uses her writings to tackle hard issues such as transitioning into civilian life, military suicide, divorce, domestic violence, navigating military life, raising kids, finding one’s purpose, and everyday aspects of life. She encourages everyone to chase their wildest dreams, laugh at her expense, and encourage one another. She has created a space where everyone can leave feeling empowered and part of a community.

“If we all create spaces for everyone to belong no one will ever be lost.”

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