Pamela Keller

Pamela specializes in developing operations and supply chain teams for new companies and restructuring mature organizations to optimize corporate profitability and customer satisfaction. In her last position she was retained by Beachbody LLC as the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations with responsibility for developing a worldwide organization. The position required transitioning from an informal operation to a scalable organization, integrating resources and IT to support growth from $200M to $1.6B in 5 years. Prior to joining Beachbody LLC Pamela worked in Supply Chain and Operations at MGA / Little Tikes, Johnson Controls, Mattel and Boeing. She has orchestrated numerous supply chain transformations that have taken organizations to a new level of agility and execution while increasing revenues, profitability and working capital.

Pamela began her career as an active duty Marine, continued her military service as a reservist in the Marine Corps, Air Force and Navy. She is prior enlisted and will retire in 2017 as a LCDR. Pamela holds a Bachelor Degree in Business, an MBA with a concentration in legal studies, and has attended the Naval War College and Navy Supply Corps School. She has also been on the FedEx E-Commerce Board of Directors, the Advisory Council for SCOPE, and is a Supply Chain and Operations speaker for various industry events.