Stephani Hardy

Stephani Hardy spent 15 years with U.S. VETS which she helped design, create, and grow into the largest non-profit serving homeless veterans in the U.S. When she resigned as CEO in 2008, U.S.VETS was serving over 2200 veterans each night in housing in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Riverside, Honolulu, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Houston, and Washington D.C. Most recently Ms. Hardy was the Director of Policy and Planning for the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority which is the largest continuum of care for the homeless in the U.S., covering 4000 square miles and 88 cities. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, and does consulting in the areas of non-profit management and veteran specific projects. Stephani is originally from Texas and holds a BA from Baylor University.