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Leadership Change

23 Aug 2016 MWIN hired its first full time paid Executive Director, Jodie Grenier. Jodie is a Marine OIF Veteran.

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Childcare Project with UCLA & STAR Education

1 Mar 2016 2016 MWIN launched a childcare project with funds from the UCLA Foundation. In collaboration with UCLA Foundation, UCLA Philanthropy as Civic Engagement Program, and STAR Education, children of veterans attended summer day […]

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Inaugural Warrior Awards

1 May 2015 2015 MWIN presented its inaugural Warrior Award for Excellence in Leadership to Lt. Commander Boyden Rohner (Head of Cyber Security for Homeland Security) and Warrior Award for Excellence in Media to Film […]

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Program Growth

1 Jan 2010 – 1 Jan 2015 2010 MWIN shifted its program focus from longterm housing subsidies to short-term, high-impact emergency subsidies which resulted in dramatic program growth. MWIN dropped its age requirement and served […]

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Birth of Military Women In Need

1 Jan 2005 – 1 Jan 2010 2005 The organization changed its name to Military Women In Need Foundation. From the foundation was born a public charity, Military Women In Need. MWIN (charity) ran five […]

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Service to Women Veterans

1 Jan 2002 – 1 Jan 2005 2002 Ranlyn Tilley Hill served as the second Executive Director. Under the guidance of the Executive Director and the committed Board, its programs were expanded. Their vision was […]

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Change in Leadership

1 Jan 1976 1 – Jan 2002 The McElroys and their friends operated the facility until 1976, when they turned to Pat DeMond for help. Pat took over management of the property, created a board, […]

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