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Happy 247th Birthday Marines!

Dear Warrior Family,

For 247 years, our nation’s elite fighting force has distinguished itself by our warrior ethos and intangible warrior spirit. The selflessness of each Marine does not cease to exist simply when Marines are off-duty or no longer wear the uniform. Our storied legacy remains a constant source of inspiration, resilience, and boldness necessary to meet any challenge.

As we reflect on the generations of Marines who have come before us and those that carry our legacy today, Marine Corporal Alexandra Nowak comes to mind.

Corporal Nowak was off-duty and traveling on Interstate-15 headed to the San Diego airport to pick up her mother and daughter, when she witnessed a car accident immediately in front of her vehicle. Corporal Nowak pulled to the side of the highway and ran toward an SUV flipped on its side. Once she approached the vehicle, she retrieved a toddler and infant from the back seat and placed them into the safety of an onlooker. While getting the children to safety, she noticed the driver’s arm was almost completely severed and that the injury was life threatening.

Corporal Nowak then ran to her vehicle, grabbed her first aid kit and without hesitation, rendered aid via tourniquet to the driver. She promised the driver that she would not die. Upon the arrival of police and paramedics, Corporal Nowak was credited with saving the driver’s life. If it was not for Corporal Nowak’s selfless actions that day, those two children would not have a mother today.

Through Corporal Nowak’s example, we are reminded that whether in conflict or peace, Marines rise to the occasion. That our grit, discipline, and initiative, guarantees the security of our country, our communities, and that of the brothers and sisters we serve with.

Marines share an indescribable bond handed down from generation to generation, not because we share the same religion, race, ethnicity, gender, or party affiliation, but because of the warrior spirit that resides in every Marine.

Today, we reflect, celebrate, and recommit to ourselves to our values: Honor, Courage, and Commitment.


Happy Birthday Marines! Semper Fidelis,
Jodie M. Grenier
USMC Veteran
Chief Executive Officer
Foundation for Women Warriors


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