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June 1

California Soldiers Widow’s Home Association

1 June 1920 – 1 Jan 1976

The McElroys donated an acre of land near the newly built West Los Angeles VA. They saw an overwhelming need to help the mothers and widows of soldiers lost in the Spanish American War and World War I. Through teas and dinners, they raised funds to build 5 bungalows and operated as California Soldiers Widow’s Home Association.

January 1

Change in Leadership

1 Jan 1976 1 – Jan 2002

The McElroys and their friends operated the facility until 1976, when they turned to Pat DeMond for help. Pat took over management of the property, created a board, and hired Bob Long as the Executive Director. Together, Pat and Bob ran the organization consistent with their WWII values: independence, dignity and love of country.

January 1

Service to Women Veterans

1 Jan 2002 – 1 Jan 2005

2002 Ranlyn Tilley Hill served as the second Executive Director. Under the guidance of the Executive Director and the committed Board, its programs were expanded. Their vision was to build sustainable, impactful programs in support of military women (both veterans and widows).

January 1

Birth of Military Women In Need

1 Jan 2005 – 1 Jan 2010

2005 The organization changed its name to Military Women In Need Foundation. From the foundation was born a public charity, Military Women In Need. MWIN (charity) ran five core programs (Home Visits, Resource/Referral & Advocacy, Emergency Subsidies, Housing Subsidies, and Care Club). MWIN served (and continues to serve) female veterans and survivors of veterans from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Gulf War.

January 1

Program Growth

1 Jan 2010 – 1 Jan 2015

2010 MWIN shifted its program focus from longterm housing subsidies to short-term, high-impact emergency subsidies which resulted in dramatic program growth. MWIN dropped its age requirement and served individuals of all ages including women veterans and survivors with minor dependent children. MWIN began serving female veterans and survivors of veterans from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan).

May 1

Inaugural Warrior Awards

1 May 2015

2015 MWIN presented its inaugural Warrior Award for Excellence in Leadership to Lt. Commander Boyden Rohner (Head of Cyber Security for Homeland Security) and Warrior Award for Excellence in Media to Film Producer, Amy Ziering (Academy Award nominate producer of The Invisible War and two time Emmy Winner). The Pat De Mond Award went to LA County Commissioner Jaclyn Tilley Hill for her long time commitment to Military Women In Need.

March 1

Childcare Project with UCLA & STAR Education

1 Mar 2016

2016 MWIN launched a childcare project with funds from the UCLA Foundation. In collaboration with UCLA Foundation, UCLA Philanthropy as Civic Engagement Program, and STAR Education, children of veterans attended summer day camps throughout Los Angeles Unified School District at dramatically reduced costs. MWIN also provided childcare stipends for children of women veterans between ages 0-5 yrs old.

August 23

Leadership Change

23 Aug 2016

MWIN hired its first full time paid Executive Director, Jodie Grenier. Jodie is a Marine OIF Veteran.

November 11

Foundation For Women Warriors

11 Nov 2016

Military Women In Need changes its name to Foundation For Women Warriors in an effort to empower the women veteran community.

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  • Women are integral to the U.S. military and now th Women are integral to the U.S. military and now these groups are working to make the military better for women.

"the Air Mobility Command's Reach Athena and the Department of the Air Force Women's Initiative Team...look at the totality of women's service to find and eliminate barriers to ensure all can serve to their full potential"

Learn more about how these barrier analysis groups work to decrease or remove barriers impacting women's service.
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    Elizabeth "Gena" Fischle served as a U.S. Coast Gu Elizabeth "Gena" Fischle served as a U.S. Coast Guard SPARS (Semper Paratus Always Ready) during World War II. She was released from active duty after the war in 1946, but would have stayed if they let her. Now she is celebrating her 98th birthday.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth "Gena" Fischle!

Learn more:
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    U.S. Air Force Col. Rebecca Elliot, U.S. Navy Chie U.S. Air Force Col. Rebecca Elliot, U.S. Navy Chief Warrant Officer Summer Levert, U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Commander Cara Lowry, and Lisa Metheney (federal civilian for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) were honored because they all have something in common: female leaders representing four of the five military services.

Learn more:
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    It's official! Cmdr. Billie J. Farrell became the It's official! Cmdr. Billie J. Farrell became the USS Constitution’s first female commanding officer during a ceremony that started on land and ended on board the 224-year-old warship nicknamed Old Ironsides.

Congratulations Cmdr. Billie J. Farrell!

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    "More uniform options are on the way for moms-to-b "More uniform options are on the way for moms-to-be in the Air Force, from two-piece maternity flight suits to wrap dresses.

Though women were integrated into the armed forces in 1948, it took 30 years before the military began to widely acknowledge the resources and policies they needed to succeed — particularly while pregnant. Women were automatically kicked out of the military when they became pregnant until the late 1970s.

Now, the Air Force is trying to boost the number of women it recruits and retains by doing more to meet their unique needs."

Learn more:
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    Join Foundation for Women Warriors on Wednesday, F Join Foundation for Women Warriors on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022 at 6:30pm PT for a special online screening of the Six Triple Eight documentary.

In February 1945, the U.S. Army sent 855 black women from the Women’s Army Corps (WACs) to England and France to clear the backlog of mail in the European Theater of Operations. The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion, known as the Six Triple Eight, was the only all-black female battalion to serve in Europe during WWII. Confronted with racism and sexism from their own leadership and troops, they served with honor and distinction completing their mission in six months. By war’s end, the Six Triple Eight had cleared over 17 million pieces of backlogged mail ensuring the troops stayed in touch with their loved ones back home. The last of the women returned home in March 1946.

They were never fully recognized…until now.

Register today: https://foundationforwomenwarriors.org/event/the-six-triple-eight-special-screening-3/
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    Today on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, take a moment Today on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, take a moment to reflect on his words and teachings. 

"Even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream."

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    "The all-female American Legion Post 539 is celebr "The all-female American Legion Post 539 is celebrating a big milestone today, Saturday January 15, at the Swan Club in De Pere. It’s 75th anniversary. American Legion Post 539 is one of only two all-female posts in Wisconsin and the only one north of Milwaukee.

Members celebrated their January 14, 1947 founding, 75 years and a day later, at a luncheon where war stories were exchanged from World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the Desert conflicts."

Happy 75th Anniversary!

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