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Kimberlee’s Story

Balancing the demands of parenting with establishing a new career, continuing education, finding suitable housing, and accessing healthcare can be overwhelming for transitioning service members.  One of the most significant challenges our veteran families report is the lack of affordable childcare.  Kimberlee*, like many veterans, found that she earned a tad too much to qualify for state childcare assistance, yet was unable to get ahead.  Worried her children would fall behind or that she would have to miss work, Kimberlee* reached out to our team.

Our Childcare Assistance program alleviates financial stress and allows veterans, like Kimberlee*, to focus on moving their careers and family forward while her children are in safe care. Our stipends cover costs for daycare and allow children to attend camps during school breaks ensuring learning continues.

“FFWW has given me a boost of hope. FFWW doesn’t make me feel like I “should be” or “why I am not” at a certain position in my life but empowers me to navigate forward while inviting me to be a part of a village that allows me to focus on what matters most and not the strains of financial burdens that come with being a single mom of 4 sons, who works full-time and pursuing her degree. I felt more like a sister coming to be with my sisters during my first encounter with FFWW rather than a veteran coming to receive resources.

 The experience reminds me of the “cover me while I move” motto that I learned when I was in the Army. I was hesitant to reach out at first because of past experiences with other agencies; I would leave more burdened than before I sought help. With FFWW though, I have felt nothing but sisterhood, joy, relief, hopefulness, and determination. ME AND MY SONS APPRECIATE ALL FFWW HAS DONE FOR US!!! THANK YOU!” — Kimberlee, USA Veteran*


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* Name changed to respect client confidentiality

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