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Nicola Hall, Sergeant, U.S. Army

Born and raised in Ipswich, England with an English mother and American father, Nicola Hall was a natural born Athlete with a sense of dual nationalityHer father was an Olympic athlete – and at just 10 years old, she started competition track. By the age of 15, she was the fastest hurdler in England, and represented England in international track events. She was also the only female on her school’s football team.  

When she was 16, her family moved to Georgia. She received a track scholarship and went off to college, only to find that her passion did not lie there at the time. She then felt compelled to join the Army and enlisted in 2000  

Hall was assigned to the 21st Military Police Company (Airborne). On her first deployment, in Kosovo, she earned soldier of the quarter and earned her promotion to corporal. Soon after, 9/11 occurred and she found that her patriotism for America was confirmed stronger than ever 

In early 2002, she deployed to KandaharAfghanistan with her company. However, the infantry units were facing issues running combat patrol missions due to the local women hiding intelligence, weapons and high-value targets. It would have been cultural warfare for the male infantrymen to search these women. Therefore, they needed a female to aid in combat patrols and missions with them – and she was selected. She was so successful in finding weapons and other items hidden on the local women that the infantry unit she was working with requested that her company release her to continue combat patrol missions across the country. She was then deployed to Forward Operating Base Salerno which was in the southeastern province of Khost, Afghanistan. 

Hall reported in an interview that the infantrymen of her new unit were skeptical about bringing on a female. However, it was only a short time before they became comfortable and established trust in her. The company commander even relinquished worry once they saw how capable and how much of an asset a woman could be for the team. Because she was so successful in her missions, she drew much attention from the local nationalsAs a result, and for her safety, she had to keep her face covered and essentially wear blank uniforms to hide any identifying markers such as her name and rank on her uniform while running these missions. One woman she was inspecting had a hand grenade on her, in which Hall swiftly disarmed her as she was about to pull the pin, saving 15-20 people who would have been in the blast radius.  

Shortly after returning to her Police company, she found herself deploying with American and Canadian Special Forces to run similar missions. In 2003, she arrived at her new unit in Korea. She couldn’t help noticing that the soldiers in her unit were rather inexperienced and underprepared for where they would be deploying– Iraq. She then brought it to her company commander’s attention and requested to become the training NCO to prepare these soldiers for what they were about to experience. She wanted to train them for new urban environments with live fire and various heightened risks. 

Speaking on behalf of women service members, Hall illuminates that, “there is no decrement in our readiness and lethalness”. During her time, women were not officially permitted to serve in combat roles, yet her performance in an all-male combat unit in the early days of the war in Afghanistan exemplified that women are capable and valuable in combat operations. Since female combat roles weren’t available for her to pursue in 2005, she decided to take the experiences and knowledge she gained and leave the service. She now helps female veterans in their transition and provides connection to VA services as well as other resources available to them.   

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  • February 1st marks the beginning of Black History February 1st marks the beginning of Black History Month. In honor of Black History Month, take a moment to learn about the historic accomplishments of our black servicemembers, like the Six Triple Eight.

The Six Triple Eight was the only all-black female battalion to serve in Europe during World War II. They were given six months to complete their mission, they did it in three. Recently, they were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.
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    Are you a woman veteran pursuing your career or ed Are you a woman veteran pursuing your career or education but struggling to afford childcare? 

Our Childcare Assistance program provides stipends for licensed daycare, after-school care, and camps. This program ensures women veterans don’t have to choose between paying for childcare and rent or end up missing work, medical appointments, or school to care for children. **Available to eligible women veterans in Southern California and Virginia 

For more information visit the link in our bio.
    Meet Brig. Gen. Rebecca B. McElwain. She is a 28-y Meet Brig. Gen. Rebecca B. McElwain. She is a 28-year veteran with experience ranging from Army tactical-level commander to national strategic-level work with Congress, Department of Defense and Department of State. She joined the small group of female general officers in the U.S. Army, when she was promoted to Brigadier General during a ceremony at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina on Jan. 9. 

Congratulations Brig. Gen. Rebecca B. McElwain! 

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    Are you facing financial difficulty? We are here t Are you facing financial difficulty? We are here to help.

February 11, 2023 | 10:00 am | Vista, CA

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    Meet Stephanie Blazo. She is a soldier, mother, ve Meet Stephanie Blazo. She is a soldier, mother, veteran, and a pillar of leadership in the community. In 2002, she served on the front lines in Afghanistan, more than a decade before the U.S. Defense Department allowed women in combat. On December 31st, 2022, Stephanie retired from the Massachusetts National Guard. 

Congratulations on retirement and thank you for your service, Stephanie!

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    The cost of childcare nearly triples for veterans The cost of childcare nearly triples for veterans and becomes a financial barrier for veterans pursuing career and educational goals. For single parents, reliable childcare can truly make or break a family’s wellbeing. Here at FFWW, we have the only childcare assistance program available to women veterans and their children. 

Valerie, an Army veteran and single parent found herself struggling to afford childcare and reached out to us for help:

“Thank you, you have no idea what this means to us! I was so scared, for both of us, until finding your organization. I was for certain that I’d need to drop out of school. You are the reason we are going to get through this.” 

You can read Valerie’s story by visiting the link in our bio.

And to learn more about our childcare assistance program or apply, visit our website, link in bio.

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    Thank you to our partners, @laworksnow and Familie Thank you to our partners, @laworksnow and Families Active in Volunteer Enrichment, for all of your support! The volunteers at LA Works and FAVE provided 40 self-care kits and over 80 new parent kits including diapers, bottles, and baby blankets, for our new and expecting veteran moms. 

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    Mentorship increases the chances of success by pro Mentorship increases the chances of success by providing someone not only with knowledge and wisdom, but also the professional and emotional support to make difficult decisions. Last week, the Women's Professional Leadership Forum provided an opportunity for junior military leaders to hear from senior women mentors at the 305th Military Intelligence (MI) Battalion Headquarters.

“We hold these forums because women can sometimes make up only 10 to 20 percent -- sometimes less -- of a unit’s population, and it can be difficult when you face obstacles that are unique to you, and you don’t have someone to relate to or seek out as a mentor”

What have you learned from your mentors? Tag a mentor to show your appreciation for their support. 

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