Who Supports Us?

Building the bridge between our Women Warriors and advancement opportunities we rely on community support. Our mentors, executive sponsors, ambassadors and volunteers are critical in women veteran success and pool together time, resources, and talents for the advancement of our community.  We’d be honored to have your help!


Our mentors bring wisdom – collected through both successful and unsuccessful choices in life, business and through military to civilian transition – that benefit and accelerate our Women Warriors.

Board of Directors/Committees

Our Board of Directors and Committees are made up of dynamic people with a passion for empowering our Women Warriors in their next steps.



Our Ambassadors recognize FFWW’s special mission of supporting our women warriors. Our ambassadors are business professionals, college students, and those with a passion for our organization. They donate their time to represent and advocate for our Women Warriors.



Our Volunteers play an essential role in everything we do to honor and empower women veterans.  Volunteers donate time to mentor veterans, add muscle to our team by sorting and stocking our warehouse, and help raise awareness for our mission.

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    We understand the obstacles and unique challenges women veterans face and are here to assist you.

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