Our mission is to serve women veterans and their children so that their next mission is clear and continues to impact the world. Our Women Veteran Transition Services have been developed to address the growing needs of the increasing population of military women transitioning to civilian life. We address the top four needs that women veterans have self-identified as crucial to the success of their transition: education, employment, housing and childcare.

We understand that a major barrier to maintaining housing, receiving mental health or advancing one’s career, are the unmet basic needs such as financial stability, adequate childcare, stable employment, and suitable housing. Additionally, women serve with so few women in the service their transition can feel solitary and lacking peer support.

Our core programs are targeted at helping to create a stable foundation for women veterans through their transition. This means:

  • Helping women veterans locate the resources needed to secure and/or stay in housing,
  • Providing emergency subsidies that cover their rent if they lose their job,
  • Providing basic needs assistance when unexpected emergencies arise,
  • Providing access to scholarship, internship, and mentorship opportunities to help them pursue higher education or persist towards their degree, or pursue/maintain a career, and
  • Filling the gap with childcare during school breaks when she does not receive income from her GI Bill benefits.
  • Providing an environment for women veterans to engage and support one another in their transition

Connect with Community

Our Connect with Community program is a series of one day professional development workshops that improve the resilience and self-sufficiency of women veterans ensuring they are best equipped to provide stability and success for themselves and their families. CWC workshops bring transitioning active duty women and the women veteran community together with women leaders in business and academia and provide a forum through which attendees gain access to and increase their knowledge of local community, business, and academic resources. By providing this unparalleled program to the women veteran community, we are able to create a sense of community and support that makes a meaningful impact in the lives of women veterans.

Warrior Connect

Our Warrior Connect program provides necessary information, resources, and referrals that are geographically desirable and address a variety of needs for our women veterans. By leveraging our deep connections with hundreds of partners in Southern California, we provide real-time triage of the many issues that face our women veterans, without duplicating efforts.

Warrior Assistance

Our Warrior Assistance program provides short-term, high impact financial assistance to our women veterans and helps them obtain/retain their homes. Warrior Assistance gives women veterans the urgent and critical relief they need to navigate life’s obstacles, make successful life transitions, prevent homelessness, and serves as a safety net when unforeseen necessary expenses or events place women veterans and their children at risk for falling into (or back into) homelessness.

Childcare Assistance

Our Childcare Assistance program is a ground-breaking and unique approach to ensuring that women veteran mothers are to gain and maintain employment or persist towards their degree. We provide childcare stipends for daycare (children ages 0-5) and spring, summer and winter camp assistance for working or student veteran mothers. To ensure the utmost accountability, childcare subsidies are paid directly to licensed childcare providers for children of women veterans.

Please see Eligibility for information on how to apply for our programs.