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Women Veterans Lead

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Women Veterans Lead provides personal, professional, and leadership development education both in-person and online for our national community of women veterans. WVL improves the resilience and self-sufficiency of women veterans, so they are best equipped to provide stability and success for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Women Veterans Lead

Access. Knowledge.

Through our partnership with Accenture, WVL provides access to Skills to Succeed online self-paced curriculum, in addition to interactive sessions on budgeting, networking, navigating career change, leadership, resilience, and more. Women Veterans Lead workshops bring transitioning active-duty women and the women veteran community together with women leaders in business and academia and provide a forum through which attendees gain access to and increase their knowledge of local community, business, and academic resources.

Women Veterans Lead

Women Veterans Lead workshops bring transitioning active-duty women and the women veteran community together with leaders in business, trades, and academia to identify and implement strategies to enhance personal wellbeing, expand their social support and networks, and invest in their professional and leadership development.

Women veterans are able to complete education self-paced and/or apply to attend workshops in annual cohorts. Veterans are also given additional opportunities for continued mentorship and community service projects so that personal, professional, and leadership improvements continue beyond the curriculum.

Now Accepting applications for the 2024 WVL Cohort!


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Connect with Community

Women Veterans Lead


“There’s something empowering about a room full of successful women. We are learning to be one voice; when one woman is successful, we are all successful!”
–Kathy, WVL Mentor

“Thank you for focusing your support on female veterans – we are the last group of women to ask for help and support out of all women. We were taught to never to show or admit to any weakness, but need to learn self-care and support. This was a very empowering and motivating event.”
– Army veteran, WVL attendee



On Demand.

Foundation For Women Warriors in partnership with Veterati provides on demand mentoring to women veterans as they navigate career change.

This free, online platform for active duty and veterans utilizes your LinkedIn profile to create a mentee profile. You can use Veterati to search for as many potential civilian and veteran mentors as you’d like based on their location, company, background, or area of expertise.



Once an appointment time is confirmed with a mentor, Veterati calls you both and connects the call. These mentoring calls can be ongoing or one-time and provides the opportunity to connect with mentors in many fields of expertise.

Mentees have unlimited access to thousands of volunteer mentors: CEOs, recruiters, entrepreneurs, managers, and other veterans.

Why Having Mentors Matters

  • Mentors share advice from personal experience to guide you to your best-fit career
  • Mentors introduce you to the 80% of job opportunities that exist only in personal networks
  • Mentors help you become a sharper, more polished applicant


Access Mentors


Have questions about how to land your dream job? Mentors in every industry are just a call away. No application process, it only takes 60 seconds to start your first mentorship call. No limit to the number of mentors you can speak with.

No Fees!

Why Be a Mentor?

  • The #1 Challenge For Service Members Coming Home: Finding a Job
  • 1.5 million transitioning Veterans and 5.5 million military spouses are unemployed or under-employed
  • We’re bringing together a nation-wide community of mentors to solve this together, and we need YOU!


Become a Mentor


Chat a few hours on the phone each month with veterans & military spouses seeking your mentorship. Your expertise makes a real difference. No application process, it takes 60 seconds to get started. Mentor only when you’re available, starting at 1 hour per month.

No Fees!

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