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This is Your Impact!

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average middle-income American family can expect to spend at least $12,000 for child related expenses each year. For newborns, that yearly cost can climb to at least $20,000, even reaching upwards of $50,000 for some families.

Jenette, an Army veteran and full-time master’s student had just welcomed a new baby girl. Unfortunately, the first few months of this new chapter had proved difficult for both her and her husband. While on maternity leave Jenette received just 50% of her usual income.

With the family income nearly cut in half, their savings account began rapidly depleting. As Jenette began planning for her return to work, being able to afford the initial childcare payments alongside rent and utilities became a major concern. Jenette worried about the cost of childcare impacting her ability to return to work, and how it might delay paying other bills.

Fortunately, Jenette had heard about our programming from another veteran organization.

The assistance Jenette received covered her family’s rent and utilities for a full month, allowing her to reallocate funds for the initial childcare expenses and most importantly, get back to work full time.

Jenette called to share her gratitude with our team:

“With your help we will both be able to keep our current jobs while our little one is taken care of. This was an answered prayer our family needed. Thank you so very much for understanding and being such a big help.”

Jenette was able to continue on her professional and educational path, recently graduating with her Masters. This achievement has strengthened her career trajectory and earning potential. Jenette and her husband have worked together to rebuild their savings and manage a monthly budget allowing them to maintain payments for quality childcare each month.

Jenette’s transition back to her career- now as a working mother- the completion of her degree, and the family’s continued financial stability, would not have been possible without you. This is Your Impact!



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