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This is Your Impact!

In 2022, to qualify for subsidized childcare, families in California needed to earn less than their county’s estimated living wage. For those who earned just over the living wage, but still struggling to make ends meet, childcare assistance was unobtainable. In this gap, thousands of parents are struggling to maintain, let alone get ahead.

Chanel, a Marine Corps veteran, and mother of her two young boys had started her masters’ degree a year ago. Due to the compounded cost of her own education and paying for childcare, Chanel applied for childcare assistance from several state and local programs but was denied assistance. She made just a bit too much to qualify, yet not enough to afford the care on her own. Chanel was beginning to rethink her goal of finishing her degree. Feeling defeated, she put her masters’ studies on pause.

Several months later, Chanel learned about our programs through the VA. Chanel immediately applied for our Childcare Assistance program and upon approval she re-registered for her masters’ classes.

Chanel shared her gratitude with our team after receiving assistance. “This program has allowed my boys to attend daycare full-time and allowed me to continue school so that I can advance my position to provide even more for my sons in the years to come. I am so appreciative for this assistance!”

Since receiving assistance, Chanel and her sons have been thriving. While her boys have been busy making friends and learning new skills at daycare, she has been able to invest further into her own education and is scheduled to graduate from her master’s program this year.

This would not have been possible without you- our donors and partners. This is Your Impact!

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