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This is Your Impact!

Over the past few years hundreds of women veterans and children have picked up bundles of holiday toys from our Southern California Holiday Distributions.  Our team has had the pleasure of meeting so many bright, energetic, and intelligent children like Evelyn, Marcus, and James.

Evelyn, who turned eight the year we met her, enjoyed decorating snowflakes with our volunteers and made sure to include lots of gemstones on her creation. She shared with us that her “favorite animal in the whole wide world, is a unicorn!” Someday, she even hoped to have one as a pet.

Marcus, who was only four when we met him, was able to identify over a half dozen dinosaurs. He shared he liked Tyrannosaurus Rex the most but assured us, “you can just call him T. Rex.” Marcus also shared with us that he’s a fan of playing trucks with his baby brother Stephan.

James had just started middle school when we met him. He was a self-proclaimed Harry Potter fanatic and had read each of the books twice and was sure he would finish the series a third time before the school year was over. James also loved science and was really excited to learn more about the solar system and astrology after the winter break.

Evelyn, Marcus, and James each had some incredibly thoughtful gifts to unwrap on Christmas morning. Under her tree, Evelyn found a brand-new jumbo unicorn pillow and matching plush blanket along with a new coloring book and bright blue light up scooter. Marcus unwrapped two new dinosaurs to add to his collection as well as a handful of matchbox cars and a particularly large Tonka construction truck. James enjoyed exploring a new Gryffindor Collectors Box filled with trinkets both magical and mysterious, in addition to a brand-new telescope to fuel his love for astrology.

Evelyn, Marcus, and James were just a few of the children Foundation for Women Warriors was able to provide gifts for over the past few holiday seasons. Thanks to the generosity of our donors an assortment toys and games found their way under the trees of our women veterans last year.

For the nearly 70% of our women veterans who are single parents, this time of year can be more than a little stressful. Because of you, however, our veteran moms could provide gifts for their children, pay for childcare during the winter break, and feel the holiday joy they so deserve.

We are so very grateful for your contributions of time, treasure, and talent that makes each Holiday Distribution truly magical. This is Your Impact!



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