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This is Your Impact!

Samantha, an Air Force veteran and single mother was ready to tackle 2024.

With her passion for serving others in mind, she sought to take the next step in her professional journey in the new year when she found an internship program that seemed perfect for her career goals. The internship focused on preparing participants for careers in social services, and helping participants find employment following program completion. Samantha was thrilled when she received the email that she had been accepted!

While excited for her new chapter, Samantha knew she needed to create a plan for her daughter’s childcare while attending the internship. Though the internship was paid, the cost of childcare was significantly higher than what she anticipated.

Beginning to worry that her next professional step would need to be delayed, Samantha found herself in a difficult position. She was determined to find a solution and began searching for resources. She found our Childcare Assistance program and was overcome with gratitude upon learning of her approval.

“As a single mother, I’ve found too many times I have to make hard decisions between my professional life and my family life. I often feel like I am trying to build a better life for me and my child, but the cost of care and having so little help keeps me from getting ahead. I’m so grateful for this program. This assistance will allow me to finally take a step in the right direction and prioritize both my career and child. ”

Without your pivotal support, Samantha would have had to delay a critical professional advancement, or risk falling into debt that could dismantle not only her future goals, but also her family’s security. Because of our donors and community partners, veterans like Samantha can take the next steps for their careers and their families in 2024 and beyond. This is Your Impact!

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