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This is Your Impact!

Brenda is a Navy Veteran, full-time student and the mother of both a toddler and a newborn. While she was used to juggling priorities, recently things had taken a turn. Brenda wasn’t sure how much longer she and her family would be able to stay afloat.  

She had expected and planned for the financial stress of welcoming a new baby but was put in a difficult situation when her spouse suffered a work injury shortly after the family welcomed their newest addition. During this time, she was also informed of a 10% rent increase.  

After several weeks of struggling to make ends meet, Brenda wasn’t sure what to do. She began looking for resources and was relieved to find our Childcare Assistance program. 

Brenda shared her relief: 

Childcare is a huge expense for our family. I am going to school full time and my husband just started to work again after recovering from an injury. This assistance helps allow for some breathing room. I can focus on school without having to worry about how we will pay for childcare. I can also put aside money for other expenses and get our debt under control too. 

Without our childcare assistance, made possible through support from our community of donors and partners, Brenda would have had to delay her education or risk falling into debt, jeopardizing not only her future goals but also her family’s security.   

Because of your steadfast support, Brenda and her family are back on track and can achieve goals that will propel her entire family forward. This is Your Impact! 

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