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This is Your Impact!

Brianna’s transition out of the military was not easy as she initially struggled to financially provide for her and her son, Luca. With only a small savings, she determined a move cross country was not an option. Brianna decided to make the Golden State “home” for her and her son and secured a full-time position.

With summer fast approaching, Brianna was stressed about having Luca out of school and with the high costs of summer camps for children with disabilities like Luca, she considered transitioning to part-time work to care for her son. Brianna knew the reality of losing paid hours would set her back as would the cost of camp.

Fortunately, Brianna received essentials items from one of our previous warehouse distributions while she was looking for work and learned about our childcare assistance program. Brianna reached out to our team and applied for Childcare Assistance.

Upon approval, Brianna and Luca made a special trip to our Vista warehouse just to say thank you. Luca could hardly contain his excitement for his upcoming summer adventures.

“I get to ride the bus to summer camp! It’s going to be my very first time at summer camp and my very first time riding the bus!”

Brianna expressed her gratitude for both of them and explained how she never imagined she would be able to provide a summer camp experience for Luca that met his needs and didn’t put the family in an unstable financial position.

“This means a lot to both of us” she said, smiling as Luca continued to share his excitement with our staff. “This wouldn’t have ever been possible for us without you.”

Luca recently took his very first ride on the school bus without his mom and has since been able to enjoy summer camp with all of his new friends. Both of these firsts- the solo bus ride and summer camp- were milestones for Luca as he continued to grow his independence and social skills.

For Brianna, being able to maintain full-time employment over the summer months knowing her son is safe is a milestone for her too. She can continue to provide for her and Luca, while continuing to grow the family’s financial stability as she progresses through her military transition.

These milestones would not have been possible without you. This is Your Impact!

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