29 Oct
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Volunteer Spotlight: Lynn Lambrecht

Lynn Lambrecht is the author of the book “The Living Planner” and has been a Foundation for Women Warriors volunteer for almost two years. Lynn serves as a mentor at our Connect with Community workshops and continues to mentor women veterans beyond the workshop day to help them transition into civilian life.

Lynn is an engaging communicator and a thought leader that helps individuals and businesses prepare for contingencies at home and work. She has deep experience garnered from her global corporate career, time volunteering during catastrophic incidents and personal experiences with family, friends and clients. Lynn saw a gap in society and created The Living Planner, providing individuals and organizations the “layperson perspective” of if/then possibilities. She explains how financial, legal, health care, tax, accounting and insurance professionals serve us. Lynn makes things simple, straight-forward, personal, meaningful and accessible. Her work with The Living Planner honors and remembers the victims, families and survivors of NW255, NW1482 and UA175.

We are so grateful for Lynn’s invaluable support and many meaningful mentoring hours that she has provided to our women warriors over the years. Thank you Lynn!

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