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The Women’s Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor reported the median childcare price for a family with one child ranged from $4,810 to $15,417 in 2018. Today, childcare costs continue to increase significantly. An infant enrolled in licensed childcare in San Diego costs an average of $19,000, a price tag more costly than in-state college tuition. 

 A recent San Diego Foundation Workforce, Childcare & Change Report revealed that California ranks among the worst states for affordable childcare. Californians pay 26% higher than the national average for childcare, but San Diego is 15% higher than the state average. 

For many, this reality threatens not only their financial stability, but potentially their employment. More mothers report they “can’t afford to work”, mirroring the newly published findings regarding how increases in median childcare costs are associated with falling maternal employment rates. For many, a loss of employment is the first step in a spiral in financial insecurity and in some cases, homelessness. 

Katherine, a Marine Corps veteran was working a full-time job to provide for her two young daughters as she navigated both military transition and a divorce that meant she needed to manage on a single income. She believed that if she could just push through the initial financial hardship, she’d eventually put her family back on track to sustainability.  

Katherine realized her resources were stretched thin and applied for a government assistance program in the hopes it would provide the necessary relief her family needed. Upon receipt of her application decision however, Katherine was once again unsure of where to turn- her request had been denied on the grounds that her income exceeded the program threshold. She earned too much to qualify for assistance but wasn’t making enough to properly support her family. While disheartened by this rejection, Katherine knew she had to continue searching for a solution and eventually found our Childcare Assistance program. 

Katherine was incredibly grateful. 

I just love your organization. You helped me out so much and I couldn’t have done it without you. You guys were there when I needed help the most.” 

Katherine was able to maintain her full-time job knowing her daughters were in safe and reliable childcare. This allowed her to build the family’s financial stability, and even begin thinking about taking the next step in her professional career.  Katherine recently enrolled and began working on her master’s degree after being offered a generous scholarship. With childcare assistance, she has been able to continue working full-time through her studies. 

Katherine’s success and the wellbeing of her family through a time of transition would not have been possible without you. This is Your Impact! 

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