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A Woman Warrior’s Story: Marissa, USMC Veteran

Marissa is a full-time student in Orange County and US Marine Corps veteran. When she reached out to Foundation for Women Warriors, she had a six-month-old baby and was in desperate need of childcare assistance to help provide coverage while waiting for an opening in a more affordable childcare option. FFWW stepped in and helped to cover childcare while Marissa stayed in school, and her son was eventually enrolled in the Early Head Start program, reducing Marissa’s childcare costs and allowing her to persist toward her degree.

Marissa said, “I would like to take the time to say thank you to Foundation for Women Warriors. Providing one month of childcare assistance made it possible for me to stay in school and save money for future daycare costs. Thank you for the help you provided that will allow me to keep working toward achieving my goals in life!”

We are honored to empower the futures of our women warriors like Marissa. Learn more about Foundation for Women Warriors’ programs for women veterans here.

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